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Advanced Guide to SketchUp

Larry Zent
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Focuses on advanced concepts and workflow of SketchUp Pro. Students will learn to utilize SketchUp Pro with
clear language, focusing their skills on learning aids, evaluation and assessment tools, resources such as other
rendering software programs, and third-party add-ons to be used within SketchUp Pro. Students will learn to
utilize and focus on photo realization and manipulation, and their relationships between SketchUp Pro, Google
Earth and Layout.

Required Text:

  • Introduction to Google SketchUp by Aidan Chopra with Laura Town and Chris Pichereau
    (ISBN# 978-1-118-07782-5)
  • RENDERING IN Sketchup by Daniel Tal
    (ISBN 978-0-470-64219-1)

Required Materials:

  • SketchUp Pro 2021


  • A good understanding of computer files management, making subfolders and directories, and file